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IBT - Interactive Broadcast Technology is a leading media consultation and system integration company that delivers customized, high-caliber technical and operational solutions for broadcasters and TV stations. We build TV stations from scratch!! Our staff consists of professional consultants and experienced engineers who have served in the media industry for decades and launched many successful stations all over the Middle East and North Africa region. Our work starts from building the concept, to planning and design, installation, commissioning, training, and post-launch support.

On average it would cost $5 million to launch a 24 hour digital television channel broadcasting for 12 months, However we have bought this cost down almost to non-mentioned which includes all the frills. The question may be raised as to how that was possible, well through our unique model of operations and platform which has been vetted by the leading members of the media Industry as ‘feasible, practical and sustainable’. Secondly, by eliminating third party involvement and establishing direct and long term relationships with our clients. Finally, by maximizing the utilization of resources new media technology software’s and hardware’s.

The advantages of our new media technology and infrastructure

  • Building up a TV channel at a very low costs comparing to millions of dollars needed to found Broadcasting TV stations and that’s with a high-end cost effective new technology in a very high quality Broadcast up to ultra HD.
  • The staff needed to operate the channel is limited to few persons and that’s because of the smart operated studios and infrastructure using new media software’s and hardware’s


  • Studio Camera men
  • Light Engineers
  • Decoration Designer
  • CG Operator
  • Auto-CUE Operator
  • CR Operator
  • Broadcast Engineers
  • Electric Engineer
  • Playout Operator
  • Depending on high quality Chroma Virtual Studios will reduce the costs and the space needed to found real studios and with the same quality.
  • So we need just one studio to launch many different programs and news although our infrastructure is dedicated to launch virtual studios at a minimum use of lights and space.
  • The monthly costs of launching the channel is also at minimum considering the few number of employees and the place of just an apartment as well as the effective usage of electricity due to LED studio lights.
  • Dedicated social media interactive structure is one of the main majors that our technology can offer, such as taking comments live on air from Facebook and twitter also applying filters on it and taking Skype calls without any need of a very expensive Skype server.


With our setup you can run the following type of channels

  • News TV Channel
  • Economy TV Channel
  • Entertainment TV Channel
  • Sports TV Channel
  • Music TV Channel
  • Movies TV Channel
  • Reality TV Channel
  • Interactive and Game Shows TV Channel

NOTE :An uplink package for satellite broadcasting is needed by broadcasting from anywhere in the world.


The channel will be operated by a staff of the following members

  • The three Lebanese leading technical directors and founders of this project from our company who will take the responsibility of full installation, operation of the channel as well as staff training

The other staff members:

  • 1 Graphic designer
  • 2 Editors
  • 1 Sound engineer
  • 1 IT engineer
  • 1 Archive employee
  • 1 Social media


The place should be about 220m2 to 400 m2 apartment, which will then mainly consist of a big studio room, 2 MCR rooms and an Office room.

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