Business Development is crucial for any company or individual entrepreneur  that intends to continue sustain its market position and market share. Business Development enables companies to expand their lines of business through new products & services, additional market segments, strategic partnerships & alliances and an extensive global market reach. Business development is therefore vital for a company to maintain profitability, increase market share and discover and tap into new opportunities.

Whilst it is obvious that companies need business development to thrive, they face serious challenges in identifying, assessing and implementing the right business development strategies which can lead towards sustainable performance and growth.

But embarking on the development process is risky. It needs considerable planning and organization.

Fycus guide you through the key stages in the lifecycle of products and services so you know when the time is right for your business to start the development process.

We will explain how a planned and phased development process will help you make the wisest investment and budgeting decisions. It will also advise you on how best to create a development team and manage a project. We play a vital role in addressing these challenges and help clients by advising on the most suitable opportunities to follow after eliminating several alternatives through detailed mapping of their products & services, business plans and using our knowledge of their respective industries. Moreover we offer clients multiple options & solutions to transform potential opportunities into viable revenue streams.

Below are the high level steps we perform for your business development:

  • The lifecycle of products and services
  • Developing your ideas
  • Match products and services to market needs
  • Pricing your proposed service or product
  • The project development process
  • Creating a project team
  • Investment and cost control
  • Manage a development project

We address the complex challenges faced by clients and utilize our market knowledge and business expertise to identify, assess and propose successful ventures. Our in-depth business knowledge is sharpened through continuously monitoring various industrial segments in order to maintain a dynamic database covering all aspects of the business dynamics together with an up-to-date view of the business environment and market conditions. We therefore make invaluable contributions to clients by promoting their businesses, helping them gain new customers and retain existing ones.

Benefits to the clients:

  • Introduction of new products and services aligned with customers’ needs.
  • Enhancing business performance and profitability through the addition of new revenue streams.
  • Growth of market share from existing markets and entrance to new ones.
  • Sustaining competitive advantage.


Our clients can therefore benefit from a wide range of Business Development solutions including:

Advisory: This business development consulting service provides clients with tailored solutions for the business growth strategies. We rely on creativity and the unique innovative crowdsourcing business model to deliver specific results to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Partnerships: We assist clients in setting up and building strategic relationships and alliances with other relevant organizations and corporations. With such partnerships and private-public-partnerships (PPP), clients can benefit from additional expertise, new technologies, intellectual properties to expand their products, services, market reach thus avoiding having to incur the cost for acquiring them.

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